Thursday, June 7, 2012

Anatomy of a Dewey Rod


Our distinctive handles feature two ball bearing races that require no lubrication or adjustment.

To make sure your handle spins like a top for years, keep the handle as dry as possible, and never allow chemicals, such as oils and solvents, into the bearing assembly.  If possible, store vertically with handle up.

Our rods are machines from stainless steel and wrapped in a protective nylon coating. The diameter of the rod varies according to the caliber. 
Remember to wipe down your rod after each pass through the bore to keep debris from coming back into your rifle.

Our rods differ from most in that with few exceptions, our rods feature a male thread on the end.

This is to allow a much thicker coating on the rod, to protect both the rod and your barrel from harm.

Our .22 caliber rods have an 8/36 male thread and our .30, .35 and .50 caliber rods have 10/32 male threads.  All male threaded rods come with an adapter to allow for use of standard 8/32 accessories.  Our jags have female threads to thread directly on the rod for a tighter, stronger fit than standard female jags.

We also have many adapters and rod tips to allow for use of shotgun sized brushes with 5/16 x 27 threads, Black Powder threads, patch loops, jags, VFG Felt adapters and much more.

Please note that our brass and stainless rods, as well as a select few of the nylon coated rods are all female threaded.  

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